You might call it branding, creativity, engagement or transformation

We call it being Well Thought

A brand and business transformation consultancy

Monsters to Mice

Those ‘too hard to do’ brand issues, best avoided.

Look carefully, they may be mice,

with unexpected benefits.


A better way forward...

 When your business model is under pressure

When your market is being disrupted

When the market has moved, and innovation is lacking

When you need to re-imagine the way things can be


When you need an injection of ideas, energy or purpose

When you need to find a competitive advantage

When you need to re-orientate people and the organisation

When you need to re-energise, re-purpose, re-focus

When your brand, product or service needs transformation.



Monsters that are currently engaging us

For many financial planning isn’t about the most tax-efficient investment, but about food, bills and rent. Is making people worry about finances the best way to help them make better decisions and experience better financial health? Wouldn’t it be better to understand, coach and support? How could that be done at scale.

We’re bringing together the behaviour insight, design thinking and creativity to show how.


services for



Traditional approaches only work within known parameters, what if the parameters are unknown? With an ever-increasing rate of product commoditisation, how can you reposition and market a technology brand not as a product but as a service.


We’re bringing together customer insight, service design and proposition thinking to reimagine brand positioning and communication.


the unknown


Regulated healthcare services need deliver safe service improvements within constrained resources. Traditional approaches struggle to reconnect in a human way with both patients and healthcare professionals to innovate and collaborate across different clinical disciplines.


We’re bringing together medical professionals, online learning specialists, behavioural scientists and digital service designers to develop a framework for programmes that go ‘beyond the procedure’ to meet these new needs.

Putting care at

the heart of




Creative and critical thinkers.

We bring together a range of disciplines and thinking styles with a depth of understanding of many industries.

Andy Eymond

Andy's strength lies in his vision of what something could be and of the steps required to get there.


With his ability to lift thinking out of the mundane, he can see and articulate connections and insights that raise everyone’s game that lead to transformation of performance.

Sam Barber

As a pragmatist and critical thinker, Sam builds the arguments, processes and relationships required for successful projects.


Design thinking sits at the heart of Sam’s approach, keeping the team focused on co-creation, working together to create better ideas, products and services delivery.

Sarah Greenaway

 Sarah has a commercial brain with a creative heart and combines them brilliantly.


With an attitude that is open and authentic, she is able to engage and encourage both the team and clients to think positively and proactively.

Liz Beeson

Liz is tenacious at getting to the heart of the matter, providing research and insight that leads to real understanding and breakthrough.


Building arguments and business cases to support change is Liz’s key strength, providing reassurance and clarity when its most needed.


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A creative collaborative space designed for innovative thinking.

Workshop, is a vibrant and growing community of creative, entrepreneurial people

designed to foster collaboration, creativity and thinking, curated by Well Thought.

And yes, it is available to Well Thought clients who want some space to think.