to Mice


A cautionary tale of fear, timidity and nice cheese

Tame your monsters

Monsters - those ‘too hard to do’, brand issues, best avoided.

Look carefully, they may be mice, with unexpected benefits.

Why us

We are experts in strategy, marketing and design.
Our network extends us into behavioural science, management consultancy and research.

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  • Why do
    we do this?

    We love to innovate.

    We question, listen, get awkward, suggest the ridiculous and then bring ourselves down to earth.

    We understand budgets, schedules and targets and take leaps of the imagination to reach unexpected places.

    We collaborate, work with internal teams or agencies, build ideas and dreams and bring them to reality.

  • Why should
    we do this?

    We believe that every business can find a better way forward.

    That’s better not only for the business, but better for the people in it, who partner with it, who buy it’s products or services and for the community as a whole.

  • Why can we
    do this?

    We are experienced creative strategists.

    We get excited about the idea of expanding horizons, both our own and those of our clients.

    We are rooted in the practical, but are driven by the belief that insight, innovation and creativity deliver better services, better products and better businesses.

Our experience

Advising leading brands across a diverse range of industry sectors

Monsters that are currently engaging us

  • Financial services for everyone

    There are plenty of advisors to advise those with money.

    What about those without?

    Those for whom financial planning isn’t about the most tax-efficient investment, but about food, bills and rent.

    Is making people worry about finances the best way to help them make better decisions?

    Wouldn’t it be better to understand, coach and support? How could that be done at scale, in a way that is viable and builds confidence?

    We think it’s an innovative approach and we’re bringing together the research, science and design to show how.

  • Branding the

    With an ever increasing rate of change, how can you position a technology service brand without a clear understanding of what the service will offer in five, ten years or more?

    Traditional approaches only work within known parameters, what if the parameters are unknown?

    We’re looking at technology endpoints to see how they will shape services and product offerings, helping deliver a vision of where the brand can go and how to get there. We believe that it is only by visualising the future can we build brands that have an understanding of where they are today.

  • Putting care at the heart of healthcare

    UK healthcare provision requires patient-centric change to meet ever-rising demand and to deliver service improvements within constrained resources.

    Traditional approaches, focused solely on competencies, are a significant inhibitor to that change, often taking extended periods of time to develop and are costly to implement.

    The challenge is to re-invent the process and reconnect in a human way with both patients and healthcare professionals to innovate and collaborate across different clinical disciplines.

    We’re bringing together medical professionals, online learning specialists behavioural scientists and service designers to develop a framework for programmes that go ‘beyond the procedure’ with exceptional levels of support.

We believe

There are no shortcuts. Hard work, emotional engagement and an extraordinary depth of experience deliver solutions with real meaning